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The Joy Gypsy Design Studio

Macrame Plant Holder (MED02)

Macrame Plant Holder (MED02)

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Plant Pot

Bring some modern retro vibes into your home with this handmade macramé plant holder.

Created by hand at The Joy Gypsy Design Studio, Tauranga

They are available to purchase with or without the pot.

Length (with Pot): 110cm
Material: 100% cotton
Ring: Metal
Pot Size:

Dia: 14cm

High: 18cm

Use: Inside

Size Guide

The holders are made to fit the pot in the image, however they will easily fit other pots, bowls or containers. Let your imagination run wild!

They usually have flexibility of about 5cm with either the diameter or height.  If your pot is 5cm larger at the widest point and height you may need to go up to the next size.

Not sure if your fave pot will fit? Please flick us a message and we can check.

Your fave pot didn't fit or you can't find one that will?  No problem, we can custom make one for you, buy one of our pots or return it.



Please bear in mind that the shipping price will increase if the pot is included.  We do our best to package the pot well, but breakages sometimes do occur. We do our best to resolve the situation quickly.

Custom Order

Do you need a specific size or design?

We would love to help. Please click here to find out more.

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