Meet The Joy Gypsy

Helen feels a little uncomfortable being called a designer but resonates with being a Creative Intuitive. 

Her passion has never been to express her creativity in only one form or just an end product, but believes creative intuition is an openness to experience life and embrace the journey. Doing this through curiosity, problem solving & reasoning, imagination, artistic and aesthetic interests, and emotional richness.

Born in Switzerland and moving to NZ at a young age Helen began early exploring her creativity.  Learning to sew from her Dad at age 7, being involved in DIY of every family home, winning many creative art awards at college, studying fashion design, creating wedding dresses for friends, starting a Men’s clothing brand at 22.  Her professional journey has continued bringing together expertise that crosses fashion design, home & giftware, retail management, merchandising, interior design, graphic design, sales, marketing, event planning, hospitality, film industry logistics and business administration. 

Referred to by her friends as a gypsy, she has followed many unconventional paths expressing her creativity and passion to experience life.

The Joy Gypsy Design Studio is an accumulation of all her experiences to date.

“Creative intuition is not something you can escape from, it shapes your life whether you like it or not…something I am finally beginning to embrace fully".

Helen being mostly self taught, is skilled in many creative forms and is constantly exploring more.  Textiles, textures, patterns and colour are at the heart of her designs and products. The Joy Gypsy Design Studio highlights some of these; macramé (a new love), fiber art, sewing, t-shirts & prints.

Believing that it’s essential that everyone can express some form of creativity, whether it’s something they hang on the wall, a t-shirt they wear, or enjoy the actual creative process itself. 

She's Inspired by the cool & practical aesthetic of the 50’s, free spirited bohemian style of the 60 & 70’s, and colourful folk art of the world.

Mix this with an overall sense of down to earth ease and fun, she hopes her products will be a reminder to all that surrounding yourself with a little joy is always a good thing! 

The Joy Gypsy - a lover of freedom