To a place for the lover of freedom, individual style and a little bit of fun!

The Joy Gypsy is a story about creativity, resourcefulness and joy.

Helen Greenway is the owner, designer and DIYer extraordinaire who creates each piece from her studio in Tauranga, New Zealand.

My journey has been unconventional, following paths which have filled my soul and enriched my life with creativity & self discovery.  

I see life through vignettes (framed images) and design details make me happy. 

I believe expressing your individual style increases your quality of life, that your surroundings have the power to bring you joy, and creative thinking is always affordable!

My hope is that The Joy Gypsy is a place that will inspire you to connect to your own creativity, individual style, and help bring good vibes & joy into your life and home.

I hope that you discover some pieces which give you a little nudge that you need to express yourself.


Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you again soon!