Interior Styling

Need help with a room re-decoration?

Looking for some inspiration for the over all feel of your home?

Wanting to make your rental feel more like you?

Need some guidance on fine tuning a design that shows your personality? and how to pull it all together?  

Having a natural flair for interior design/styling and an intuitive sense for creating warm and welcoming spaces; Helen gets very excited by the potential of any space!

Much like the importance of choosing good people to spend your time with, choosing what surrounds you can be just as important. 

Whether you own your home or rent, or live in a house bus, knowing what you like design wise is always the first step in creating a space that gives you joy. 

Helen has lived in over 44 places (and still counting) in the last 40 odd years (not counting the family homes!).  She has become an expert at making temporary spaces feel like home.  Learning many tricks about storage, functionality, and being resourceful.

She believes you can achieve the 'look and feel' you want regardless of budget; with some resourceful thinking, creativity, and a little comprise, and a plan.  It's all about having a good eye, and knowing what works together... and being a little brave!

Spaces should reflect the owners personality not just the current 'trend'.  It should feel like you have walked into their home, not a show home.  

More details are coming soon regarding prices and services.  However please feel free to touch base today with any questions.